Corporate Outreach

Corporate Massage is an outreach I provide to businesses and their employees using benefit packages already in place. It involves 30, 45 or 60 minute individually focused massage treatments aimed at relieving many presenting symptoms such as headaches, postural imbalances and muscular pain. It also introduces massage therapy to many of those employees who may not have already received a massage in the past, and encourage the use of the health benefits already in place at no additional cost to the company.


As an employer this outreach also benefits your company’s image by putting you at the forefront of a growing trend toward corporate wellness, and highlighting your commitment to employee health care. A corporate massage session with your team will encourage more productive and efficient work, improved morale, and an ongoing commitment to wellness at your workplace. There are no down sides, just an opportunity to ensure your team members are as empowered to take care of their health as they are to succeed in business!

How does it all work?

I first meet with a designated team member who will act as a communication point for your office. After an initial meeting, we can discuss the needs of your team members, look at the space, and decide on the best approach for your office. I supply everything from a massage table, to lotions and sheets. Essentially I will bring my practice to you. The only thing I require from your end is a private area to conduct my treatments. In the past this has been a boardroom or empty office – something with privacy and a place that is away from the everyday going-ons of your business.

After a set-up is arranged, I will send a letter and sign up sheet to the designated  member of your team who will then forward on the information to the rest of the office. At this point people can sign up directly with me via email and confirmations are then sent using Google Calendar. That’s it!  Simple, easy, and at no expense to the company.



With regards to payment, employees pay individually based on the session fee, and in return receive an official receipt that they can then submit for full or partial reimbursement depending on the extended health care benefits they have. Session fees are as follows:

$55 for a 30 Minute Treatment
$70 for a 45 Minute Treatment
$85 for a 60 Minute Treatment
* There is a minimum number of 4 committed team members for each outreach. Incentives are available for larger bookings.



Feel free to contact me for more information on this type of outreach or to set up a face-to-face meeting at